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Chillicothe's private golf course is the Chillicothe Country Club located on Highway 65 (aka Washington Street). The 9-hole course has 18 tees with USAG approved greens of bent grass. Full membership in the club entitles members full use of the outdoor pool, dining room facilities, tennis courts, locker rooms, and golf course.

Chillicothe is also home to a popular public golf course, Green Hills Golf Course, anGreen Hills Public Golf Course 18-hole links-style course. The course first opened in 1993. There are four sets of tees to cater to all skill levels of golfers. The forward tees total 5,079 yards, the middle tees measure 6,042 yards, and the championship tees measure nearly 6,800 yards. The course features the classic links-style challenges - large sweeping greens, large mounds lining the fairways, tall native grass, and more than 30 sand traps. Weather permitting, the course operates all year around. Through hotel and golf packages with Chillicothe hotels and the short driving distance from Kansas City, St. Joe, Columbia, and Des Moines, the course attracts thousands of visitors to Chillicothe annually. For more information, visit their web site.

Information on golfing throughout the Green Hills region is coming here soon!


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The Chillicothe area is home to duck hunting, deer hunting, quail, turkey, and much more!

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Fishing is a popular sport in Chillicothe and the Grand River Area...

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For more information on our local parks, visit our Chillicothe Attractions page or our parks' web site.

Simpson Park entrance 2007 Danner Park is a great place for baseball and softball!

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Area Wildlife Lovers Singing Swan Song
By JIM LOW, Missouri Department of Conservation
Thursday, September 15, 2005

CAPTION: Two trumpeter swans from an Iowa restoration program have hatched a trio of cygnets (young swans) on land owned by Bud and Debbie Neptune, who live a few miles south of Dawn. The last known successful nesting by Trumpeter Swans in Missouri occurred in the mid-1800s.

Photo Submitted By Bud Neptune

With their well-kept secret now public knowledge, two area residents are basking in the glow of a historic blessed event - the birth of three trumpeter swans. Bud and Debbie Neptune, who live a few miles south of Dawn, didn't know the big birds had taken up residence at a pond on their home property until their son, Scott, came to visit during turkey hunting season. He spotted one of the elegant, snow-white creatures on his parent's 1.5-acre pond.

Bud did an Internet search for "swan" and found listings for the National Audubon Society and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). He e-mailed the federal agency and reported having seen a swan with a red neck collar. Knowing the color of the bird's collar allowed the FWS to trace it to a restoration program run by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). Within 24 hours, the Neptunes got a call from an IDNR biologist, who was excited to learn that one of his birds had nested successfully. He informed them that a pair of swans had built a nest on nearby property in 2004 but failed to produce young. In June, the Neptunes got their first glimpse of the whole swan family, consisting of two adults and three gray cygnets ("sig-nets"), as young swans are known. By then, the little ones were about a month old.

"Like any animal lovers, we named the adults Jack and Jill and the two babies, Fe and Fi," said Bud. "Then the next week, Fo showed up. Maybe he had been there all along but we had missed him." Bud reports that the young cygnets followed their parents like military cadets, every turn synchronized perfectly.

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Bicycling, hiking, and many other outdoor activities are available in our area.

Chillicothean Authors Trail Guide
C-T Thursday, April 21, 2005

CAPTION: Outdoor enthusiast Tim Riekena, of Chillicothe, Mo., stands near a "researchmobile" he used to travel and sleep in on multi-day research trips accross North Missouri while writing "North Missouri Mountain Biking, Hiking and GPS Trail Guide." The 137-page guide is designed to help people find and appreicate over 80 north Missouri trail systems.

There is a growing interest in outdoor trails located in the northern half of Missouri. While these trails may be closer than you think, finding them can create a challenge.

Tim Riekena, an outdoor enthusiast from Chillicothe, has recently published a guide book titled, "North Missouri Mountain Biking, Hiking, and GPS Trail Guide." This 137-page guide is designed to help people find and appreciate over 80 north Missouri trail systems. These trails are all located north of the Missouri River as it flows from Kansas City to St. Louis. Trails of every type, length, and difficulty level have been researched.

Over 750 miles of hiking trails and nearly 600 miles of legal biking trails, have been included. From flat, asphalted paths to steep, rocky trails, this guide will help users find the trail that is right for them. Over 250 photos show what north Missouri has to offer. Maps and directions are included for each area. For GPS (Global Positioning System) users, a waypoint has been given for trailheads to assist locating even the most remote areas. These waypoints consist of latitude and longitude coordinates, that, when used with a GPS unit, make it possible to find any given place on earth. Dozens of additional waypoints are included to find natural and man made points of interest. Each location has a write-up detailing: information on the area, length and difficulty level of the trails, intended use of the trails (hike and bike, or just hike), as well as, other amenities you can expect to find.

But this book is more than just a trail guide. It also includes: where to find the best trailside bathrooms or the ugliest hedge tree, trail building techniques, how to deal with spider webs, tips on winter hiking, and plenty of unique facts about North Missouri trails.

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